Clare Castle Country Park Activity Plan

    • Activity Plans & Interpretation Plans
    • We developed and prepared Activity and Interpretation Plans for Clare Castle Country Park in Suffolk

Clare Castle Country Park is an intriguing site.  When you arrive at the main entrance to the Park, you are confronted by the striking combination of a medieval castle on top of a motte next to a perfectly preserved Victorian railway station, complete with its station building, platforms, waiting room and goods shed, beached in the middle of parkland.  Both the Castle and railway have important stories to tell and are inextricably linked with the story of the Town.

The history and wildlife stories across the Park will be told through a range of media, including signage, sculptures and benches, using natural materials that are appropriate to the Park and, where appropriate, integrating interpretation into those natural materials on the wooden benches, on walls and on paving slabs in the ground.  The interpretation will be enriched through downloadable and hard copy wildlife, history and sensory trails and possibly apps.

JHA’s Activity Plan recommends two or three large events a year including Party in the Park, and others might include outdoor theatre, a music festival or book festival and aprogramme of smaller events, such as a bioblitz, pond dipping, welly walks, history and wildlife talks programmes and participating in Science Week and Open Heritage Weekends. The engagement centrepiece to the project work will be a three-year programme of archaeological excavations, involving 140 volunteers.  The project is currently in its NLHF delivery phase.